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the joker killed the president [02 Aug 2010|11:41am]
then the vice president had a heart attack then the joker ramped a motorcycle over a building and landed doing cartwheels and his exploding playing card killed the police lieutenant and i'm batman and i couldn't save him because my grappling gun with the flashlight on it was out of wack and i felt pretty bad about that then the abc news guy was talking about how they will decide the next president because the constitution was mixed up then i was tim allen and met al borland in a hotel then i met chaz from bdm and we talked about music and being covert robot government agents and my father got a job as a bellhop in the hotel for some reason and had that hilarious suit with all the buttons and shit and there was a beer in a leatherskin drink bottle thing in the fridge then will smith was sleeping with aunt viv and she had the shiniest most fine ass it was ridiculous and uncle phil was all what the fuck will this is wack but then he was like w/e then i woke up
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[23 Nov 2009|10:23am]
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will model fake bears for food [31 Aug 2009|03:08am]
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sing me a song [15 Aug 2009|06:20am]
and i'll tell you shut up i've heard it before and you have a terrible voice too
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traffic was terrible today [05 Aug 2009|05:54am]
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squarefast spongehog [30 Jun 2009|05:14am]
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[15 Jun 2009|03:59am]
we have begun work on our second album.

i have created a horrifying sound

it is very loud fyi

also if any of you blokes knows of an oblivion mod that lets me easily beat down six guys at once with a mace while making minimal use of any type of shielding maneuver that would be great. maybe some kind of trap i can set for them i dunno it should not be this hard. i must have leveled my guy poorly because anything in the oblivion gates fucks me up hardcore.
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i was gonna update this but [30 May 2009|08:27am]
i dunno what to say in the update (゚д゚ )

maybe i will draw a thing later

i actually went to bed before midnight tonight for the first time in literally months, and the fucking twelve year old girls next door are having a pajama party or some shit, slamming on the floor and giggling obnoxiously at 2am.

so i'm up again and plan on hurdurring as pyro for a short while and having some donuts and making a shitty thread blogpost before i go back to bed

at least that's what the plan was at 3am but now it's much later and i'm only kind of tired again WHY CAN'T I SLEEP LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE AHUUGHGUHGHGHHHGRRRR

hey chaz i saw a dude what looked like you today i almost threatened him with beatings but decided against it at the last moment
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[25 May 2009|12:33am]
My browser just suggested "Wonderbra" as a spelling suggestion for "Taekwondo."
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So I witnessed this midget salesman get his diamond ring stolen [24 Apr 2009|02:49pm]
as I was walking through a decidedly open patch in the meadow alongside a creek. I couldn't do anything about it at the time, as the evil goatee'd thief grasped the ring from its owner as he was admiring it from atop a small stone and rode off on horseback, but later on two dudes started fighting over the outcome of a sports game in a train station. I sat back and watched while discussing the day's plans with a friend. He took leave after a short while, and it wasn't long before I found myself confronting the thief from earlier on his own turf. Rather, I was confronting his right hand man, as the thief himself was nowhere to be found. I expect he was out harassing more travelers in the Meadowfront, playing up his Disney Bad Guy routine in the corniest way possible.

The 1920's had produced some spectacular architecture, all things considered. The moss and vine-covered Roman style pillars holding up bridges for those countless trains and cruddy staircases, littered with fast food remnants and cigarette butts. Naturally, I was making good time back to my assignments operator. Having just retrieved the diamond ring with perfect stealth save for the three or so henchmen that saw me take it out from under their eyes, I had a bit more incentive to beat my personal best. Opting for my favorite route, up the Never Ending Marble Staircase (out of commission for some time now and currently comes to a definite end) to the catwalk entrance over the Eastside trainstation.

By this time my pursuers were well behind me, but I took an extra precaution and used the last possible moments to hop across each of the three main sets of tracks, allowing the trains mere yards of clearance before I'd have become but another decal on their foremost rail guards. It is quite a jarring feeling to look back at the gargantuan things and imagine just how much it would hurt for that split second before feeling would become null and void. I paused to take a breather as the steam from the last train billowed about me, and as if on cue, an incoming message from the Operator. I instinctively reached to my pocket to check the status of my spoils (still there), and gave word of my success.

"You're not home yet," she replied in that familiar emotionless voice. "Don't take any unnecessary detours on your way back." I say emotionless, but there is always a hint of annoyance when discussing matters of business. Rightfully so, I suppose. No one likes talking about money unless it belongs to them and is not about to be lifted from their posession.

"Affirmed." I ended the voice transmission and took the maintenance door out to the station lobby. No one so much as blinked at what should have been an unusual entrance; there are stranger things to be seen in this city. I fit in well here, though I'm not sure that's something I want to brag about. I nodded at an acquaintance working in the security office and started back to Operative. She won't show it, but she will be happy to see me.
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[02 Apr 2009|07:39am]
{FAG} HUGE_IDIOT: i was on the deck of my parents' house watching the sky, when a large plane started corkscrewing out of control
{FAG} HUGE_IDIOT: two very fast and maneuverable fighter planes started flying around this large jet as though battling it, trying to keep it in the sky
{FAG} HUGE_IDIOT: or at least move it away from the general vicinity of my house
{FAG} HUGE_IDIOT: all the while visions start appearing in my back yard of horrible things happening, like little scenes
{FAG} HUGE_IDIOT: a guy falls off his bike on a half pipe, a building is erected somehow in a second and then crumbles in slow motion on top of mobs of people below
{FAG} HUGE_IDIOT: all of the scenes are miniatures
{FAG} HUGE_IDIOT: then a chunk of the jet flies off and smashes up a chunk of my roof
{FAG} HUGE_IDIOT: i think, man this is ridiculous. it's got to be a
{FAG} HUGE_IDIOT: "dream"
{FAG} HUGE_IDIOT: and then i wake up
bongobill: Man, you have depressing/exciting dreams. Get thee to an analyst.
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oh god thank you for fixing backstabs valve [25 Feb 2009|04:03pm]
they are magnificent

pic unrelated
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TO THE SPINOCAR [17 Dec 2008|06:10am]
shpladoink: so i pulled one of my old vice city tricks on this last mission
bongobill: oh?
shpladoink: there was a target that ended up on the roof of a building, through which i had to move my way up while defeating his thugs and avoiding gunfire
shpladoink: and i'd always get to him but then die on the way down because you gain a wanted level and the cops swarm you
shpladoink: so beforehand i arrived in a helicopter and left it up on the roof
shpladoink: then worked my way down the building, then back up and made a clean escape
shpladoink: IN THE SKY

I ended up killing the guy instead of letting him live (you get a choice in this particular mission), but he had it coming from throwing that trash can at me and making me replay his damn mission three times.

Also, sweet bug, livejournal.com. Either my account got hacked for the purpose of changing my default image to this one (which i don't actually dislike), or there has been some database error that swapped user images on me. It must be one of these two things because changing account images on blog sites is not something I commonly do while drunk. Did anyone save my :M BAK BAK potato chip dog image by any chance?
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don't mind me just catching up on my mtts [14 Dec 2008|06:34am]

The real advantage webcomics have over newspaper comics is the ability to add comical filenames or alt text. Newspaper comics don't have these things available to the reader, which has made the medium boring and left its writers lacking any real motive to entertain.
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Really? [13 Dec 2008|05:00am]
I just received a prompt telling me my CD key which I must "write down to enter later" for my FUCKING STEAM COPY OF GTA IV.

Way to entirely miss the point of Steam, Rockstar. This makes (let me count...) three methods of anti-piracy, not including the two online social networks you must access in order to play the game to its fullest. Fucking gits.
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in america [08 Dec 2008|11:56pm]
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i haven't made a post about the vidya in a while [04 Dec 2008|07:12am]
For me, previous GTA's have taken a long time to reach the point of "alright I'm sick of this game," so I know I'll get my money's worth this time around. I do love my sandbox games, usually to the point of boring any spectators as I crash an ambulance into a bridge fuckteen times, laughing all the way. "Just do a damn mission already." Given the amount of dickery I've already experienced with online play, IV could end up lasting me longer than Vice City did. Maybe.

I do hope they get the weird bugs and various social server issues cleaned up sooner rather than later, since I did very nearly rage about one earlier today. A certain game-denying error having to do with Rockstar's Social Club service (which is required for online play). For now, many people have to log out of the service before starting the game, then alt-tab and log back into it to play online, or at all in my case.

No game launch is flawless, but I hate seeing server problems or shitty DRM cause gamers to turn against developers when their product is otherwise very enjoyable. DRM is another monster, and I believe the industry is starting to move in the right direction. On the other hand, I'd rather the thirteen-year-olds stay on the steampowered forums or wherever else with their little fingers pinning the shift key while whining incessantly about a certain game studio's inadequacies instead of shitting up my actual game experience.

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dohohoho [22 Nov 2008|01:03am]

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[23 Oct 2008|09:55am]
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I made a request in one of the BDM guys' journal many months ago regarding sound input devices for a PC. I was looking at a firewire box, but an internal recording card seems to be much more affordable for me. Anyway, someone responded with a sound card suggestion, but I don't remember which one it was. I'm looking for something along the low-mid price range that will give me around four inputs for mics and guitars or whatever.

Suggestions, gentlemen?
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