shutupassbutt (shutupassbutt) wrote,


shpladoink: so i pulled one of my old vice city tricks on this last mission
bongobill: oh?
shpladoink: there was a target that ended up on the roof of a building, through which i had to move my way up while defeating his thugs and avoiding gunfire
shpladoink: and i'd always get to him but then die on the way down because you gain a wanted level and the cops swarm you
shpladoink: so beforehand i arrived in a helicopter and left it up on the roof
shpladoink: then worked my way down the building, then back up and made a clean escape
shpladoink: IN THE SKY

I ended up killing the guy instead of letting him live (you get a choice in this particular mission), but he had it coming from throwing that trash can at me and making me replay his damn mission three times.

Also, sweet bug, Either my account got hacked for the purpose of changing my default image to this one (which i don't actually dislike), or there has been some database error that swapped user images on me. It must be one of these two things because changing account images on blog sites is not something I commonly do while drunk. Did anyone save my :M BAK BAK potato chip dog image by any chance?
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