shutupassbutt (shutupassbutt) wrote,

{FAG} HUGE_IDIOT: i was on the deck of my parents' house watching the sky, when a large plane started corkscrewing out of control
{FAG} HUGE_IDIOT: two very fast and maneuverable fighter planes started flying around this large jet as though battling it, trying to keep it in the sky
{FAG} HUGE_IDIOT: or at least move it away from the general vicinity of my house
{FAG} HUGE_IDIOT: all the while visions start appearing in my back yard of horrible things happening, like little scenes
{FAG} HUGE_IDIOT: a guy falls off his bike on a half pipe, a building is erected somehow in a second and then crumbles in slow motion on top of mobs of people below
{FAG} HUGE_IDIOT: all of the scenes are miniatures
{FAG} HUGE_IDIOT: then a chunk of the jet flies off and smashes up a chunk of my roof
{FAG} HUGE_IDIOT: i think, man this is ridiculous. it's got to be a
{FAG} HUGE_IDIOT: "dream"
{FAG} HUGE_IDIOT: and then i wake up
bongobill: Man, you have depressing/exciting dreams. Get thee to an analyst.
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