shutupassbutt (shutupassbutt) wrote,

i was gonna update this but

i dunno what to say in the update (゚д゚ )

maybe i will draw a thing later

i actually went to bed before midnight tonight for the first time in literally months, and the fucking twelve year old girls next door are having a pajama party or some shit, slamming on the floor and giggling obnoxiously at 2am.

so i'm up again and plan on hurdurring as pyro for a short while and having some donuts and making a shitty thread blogpost before i go back to bed

at least that's what the plan was at 3am but now it's much later and i'm only kind of tired again WHY CAN'T I SLEEP LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE AHUUGHGUHGHGHHHGRRRR

hey chaz i saw a dude what looked like you today i almost threatened him with beatings but decided against it at the last moment
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