shutupassbutt (shutupassbutt) wrote,

the joker killed the president

then the vice president had a heart attack then the joker ramped a motorcycle over a building and landed doing cartwheels and his exploding playing card killed the police lieutenant and i'm batman and i couldn't save him because my grappling gun with the flashlight on it was out of wack and i felt pretty bad about that then the abc news guy was talking about how they will decide the next president because the constitution was mixed up then i was tim allen and met al borland in a hotel then i met chaz from bdm and we talked about music and being covert robot government agents and my father got a job as a bellhop in the hotel for some reason and had that hilarious suit with all the buttons and shit and there was a beer in a leatherskin drink bottle thing in the fridge then will smith was sleeping with aunt viv and she had the shiniest most fine ass it was ridiculous and uncle phil was all what the fuck will this is wack but then he was like w/e then i woke up
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